Why You Should Quit Your Job

“I am no longer excited to go to work,” my friend told me the other day, “Some say it could be because I just came from a week-long vacation. And I doubt it. I always take week-long trips multiple times for the past seven years. And I always felt excited to go back to work after. But not this time.”

It hit me. I was in the same situation.

After graduating from college, I was excited to work in the corporate world. I dreamt of being employed in sales at a multi-national company. I was excited to live on my own and have a life of freedom with a salary of 30,000PHP per month, a car, free gasoline, a laptop and a mobile phone with a data plan. On top of this, I looked forward to being part of the real world. Working in a legit office, meeting with customers, submitting reports, presenting at meetings, having a team and a boss.

I was able to get all that I wanted. Plus, 20 paid vacation leaves and bonus pay twice a year. I bought the things I wanted – designer bags, shoes, make-up, wakeboard and surfing gears. I dinned in the latest restaurants, partied every Fridays and traveled a lot – both for work and leisure. It was the life I wanted. I was a legitimate working girl.

Until I started feeling disconnected from life.

I enjoyed my life a lot. I was doing the things I once dreamed of – developing my career and growing as a person. But in the rare times that I find myself in a quiet space – devoid of the busy lifestyle I was living, I felt hollow. What am I doing? What is my purpose?

This started my quest for figuring out what life was about. I started meditating, writing a personal journal, reading books and articles on the subject. I was still doing exemplary at work but, I no longer had the same excitement and enthusiasm I once had when I just graduated from college.

My friend and I talked for another hour – telling me how her priorities have changed.

“You saw a different world,” I said, “A new opportunity that you want to take. Just like how you saw the career you have now as the perfect opportunity for you seven years ago, starting a business and having a family are the perfect opportunities in your life now.”

“Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that you work sucks and that you hate it. I know you don’t. I didn’t hate my previous job either. We just have to accept that we are evolving as persons. Comes with this are changes in our priorities, perspective, and values.”

Marie Kondo, the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, suggests a way on how to get rid of material possessions that we find hard to let go. I find that the same method applies to other things we have to let go of in our lives – relationships, careers, and habits.

Marie Kondo is famous for her goodbye mantra, “Thank you for bringing me joy. You have served your purpose.” Let this be the same mantra when you let go of your relationships, careers, and habits.

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