How to Travel for Free

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I wish I could take a break – travel for a weekend, explore for a week or go on an adventure for a month”?

I know. Most of us do. We equate taking a break to travel. But this comes rarely. Making this happen requires time, effort and money.

What is it about traveling that we associate it with taking a break?

When we travel, we slow down and get close to reality. The unfamiliar place requires us to pay attention to details that we often take for granted – how to get from my hotel to the park, where to eat, counting the unfamiliar coins and bills, and conversing with people with different language.

We are forced to focus on the basics we need to survive – which makes us let go of the worries we have from the past and in the future. We are drawn to pay close attention to what is happening at the moment.

So, why wait for that weekend of escapade? Why day-dream of that upcoming trip that is months from now?

We can experience the bliss of traveling in a foreign place to where we are now.

Let’s shift our attention to the basic things we take for granted. Have the curiosity we have when we visit a new place to our everyday life – the road we take from our house to work, the meals we have with our family every morning, and the conversations we have with our friends.

As we do, we shift our focus from the worries we have in the past and the future. Gradually, we bring our attention to the present and see *these moments* as the breaks we need.

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